Principal's Page

We begin our 2018-2019 school year with a lot of excitement.

In addition to our new kindergarten and first grade students, we anticipate all of the children to be excited and eager to learn. Our fantastic faculty is also tremendously enthusiastic and motivated to help inspire your children learn and grow.

South Range School continues to have a very active PTA and a strong volunteer program. The PTA brings great opportunities to all of our students. The PTA brings our school several cultural arts assemblies throughout the year. They sponsor many evening socials and fun game nights. The PTA helps reduce the families' out of pocket expense by partially funding field trips. Also our volunteer program is just as strong as ever. South Range School has been recognized for the Blue Ribbon Volunteer Award annually over the past 30 years.

We will begin our Good Citizenship program this year with three South Range expectations.

1. Be Safe

2. Be Respectful, Kind and Polite

3. Do Your Best

We feel that these are umbrella expectations that sum up all desired behaviors. South Range students are always well behaved and considerate to others, however, it is always nice when you can make strong qualities stronger. After the September focus on the three school expectations, we will continue the monthly focus and weekly quotes/reminders about attitudes, cooperation, friendships, respect, caring…

At South Range School, we pride ourselves on our strong family-friendly bond and traditions. We are considered to be a school where no one wants to leave.

As always, I invite you to call or stop in the office at anytime.